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Midsummer Ceramic Exhibition and Open Studio | 24 - 26 June 2016   

This Midsummer Ceramic Exhibition and Open Studio was a showcase of Adam's current work. The exhibition was arranged throughout the garden to allow visitors the opportunity to wander and explore. 

This years event was much more relaxed with less of a theme to previous years with the pots speaking for themselves rather than being used to portray something different. Next year, with the opening of the New Studio, we hope to do at least two Open Studio Exhibitions, one in Framlingham and one in Ipswich in the new workshop. 
The showcase was split over the four main areas in the garden; On The Patio (with vases, watering cans, and bottles); On The Lawn (with flower pots, flagons ans bottles, and cups); On The Decking (kegs and cans); and In The Studio (everything else). 

Summer Exhibition and Open Studio | 19 – 21 July 2015    

For the third year running Adam held a solo show in the setting of a summer garden in the historic town of Framlingham. This years Summer Exhibition and Open Studio was a showcase of his  current work and an excuse for Pimms and nibbles in the sunshine.    

This year was a little later than usual with the arrival of his son, Rupert, in March pushing plans back a little. Next year we will be back to May with June and July taken up with the creation of a new studio… hopefully!
This year Adam grouped work together to emphasise the unique nature of each of his pots. They are all individually hand thrown so each is slightly different and unique with its own personality; grouping pots in a collection highlights the differences and individual quirks of each piece and creates a different feel to a pot being displayed on its own.  

Pot Calling the Kettle Black | 23 - 25 August 2014

Pot Calling the Kettle Black looked at social irony in common situations. This exhibition includes installations of "All that glitters is not gold", "Tea for two", "Keep up with the Jones'" and "A glass half empty". 
The show was held in a traditional garden setting of a Victorian house in Framlingham as with "To Stand and Stare" in 2014. 
The installations highlighted the contrast between Adam's different styles taking ordinary situations and recreating them in a different environment.

To Stand and Stare | 4 - 6 May 2013

This exhibition reflected on the relationship between the art of poetry and the medium of ceramics. This was my first exhibition at the traditional garden setting of a Victorian house in Framlingham.
The poems used include works by Shakespeare, Wordsworth and W.H.Davies and relate to the nostalgic sentiments created within Adam's work.  
This exhibition reflected particular aspects of Adam's work and its connection to the written word.

A Breath of Spring | 3 February - 28 April 2012 

A Throne Is Only A Bench Covered In Velvet | 13 - 16 October 2011 

This exhibition marked the end of Adam's three-year residency at The Wilde Theatre at South Hill Park Arts Centre. 
The title of the exhibition "A throne is only a bench covered in velvet" explores, in ceramics, the concept of social stereotypes within the theatre. 
This show reflected the relationships, status and class systems of the theatre through themed groupings of Adam's work highlighting social divisions, using the tiered seating within the space of an empty theatre.